Inspiring facts of social media marketing for small business

How can I increase the customer base of my business ? How can I promote my business, without spending much money? These are the common problems that hit your mind when you start your business. Is this hard to achieve? No, because nowadays it’s very easy to use social media marketing for small business. It’s easy, reliable, and cost-effective. In this article, you will know about the social media marketing benefits , social media marketing strategy , and many more things related to marketing small business on social media.

Marketing small business on social media

Social media marketing is not starting a Facebook page and adding your small business photos and videos. It is one of the first steps but it is not enough. It will help you to get more money from your existing customers and you will keep in touch with them. But do you know, you can do a lot more crazy things using social media platforms, that gives amazing results.

Strongly consider that If you fail to have an effective social media strategy, that can be baleful to your small business.

If you don’t  think your lack of a social media marketing presence is having an impact on you today, it will eventually catch up with you down the road. So don’t wait until it’s too late to get started.

Does everyone use social media marketing strategies?

Okay, let’s check the statistical details.

social media marketing benefits

Each year for the past eleven years, Social Media Examiner has commissioned an annual study of how marketers are using social media. This is the longest-running study in the social media marketing industry. Surveying more than 4,800 marketers, it covers all major social platforms, organic and paid activities, video marketing, and more.

A significant 93% of all marketers indicated that their social media efforts have generated more exposure for their businesses. Increased traffic was the second major benefit, with 87% reporting positive results.

Most of the marketing strategies are now focused on social media. The plus point is it is not only for big industry leaders. Are you a small business owner, believe me, social media marketing strategies are much easier than you think.

Which social media channels do small businesses use?

social media marketing for small business

Why marketing small business on social media have many advantages?

Can you believe this, Roughly 45% of the world’s population use social media, with an average of 2 hours and 23 minutes spent per day on social media.

When it comes to social media platforms, not surprisingly Facebook leads the pack, with an average of 58 minutes spent per day on the platform. Instagram comes a close second at 53 minutes, and YouTube at 40 minutes per day.

This report indicates if you are good at social media marketing it will lead you to more potential customers. And if you are running a small business, social media marketing strategy Is the best way to climb to the top of your industry.

Let’s see what are some social media marketing benefits.

social media marketing for small business

Let’s see what are some social media marketing benefits.

It is less expensive advertising

Yes, it’s less expensive. You know that publishing a post on a social media platform like Facebook is free. This helps you to share your services with your current customers. But how you can attract more customers to your small business by getting your brand out there. This is the time that we are going for social media advertisements.

“Do I have to spend much money on that ?”

Absolutely not. The amazing thing is with social media marketing you can target your potential customers very easily. You can target the people who only live in your area. If your product matters to only specific gender or age you can target only them. And with the analytics that shows on social media platforms, you can choose a specific time that you can use your advertisement.

Small businesses are focused on a specific community

Small businesses are more close to the customer than big businesses. Most of the time the seller knows well about their customers and the seller is directly involved with their community.

Then why we need to use social media marketing. It’s because of your competitors. It may be another small business or a big business that tries to hunt your existing customers.

With social media marketing strategies, you can connect with your customers online. You can respond to their queries quickly. And you can promote your new products and even you can suggest products to particular customers. And another major advantage is you can get more reviews and comments from your happy customers and use them to catch more new customers.

For this, you can ask customers to post pictures on social media with the product. And, welcome reviews, questions, comments, and concerns from consumers.

You can collaborate with other sellers to promote your business

This is one of the best marketing hacks that you can use. How this works As a local small business owner. You can select another seller that is not your competitor and promote your products together.

Is it complicated? Let’s go with an example.
Think that you are selling beautiful garment items like frocks and have your customer base and you want to expand it.

And you found that your area has a very successful shoe seller that uses social media marketing strategies.
Contact with that seller and start a social media campaign together.

You can give a 10% discount if the shoe shop customer brings a discount coupon to your shop. And you can give 10% discount coupons to your customers to that shoe shop if someone buys an item from your shop. This is a win-win situation. Think if you both use social media market
strategies you can flood with the promotion in your area. The best part is it’s effective and free.

You can create your own brand around you

MK designer digital marketing 02

If you want to grow your business you have to differ from your competitors. Therefore the best effort you put is to create your own brand. Ok, now you will think how I can do it using social media marketing strategy.

You can show that you are an expert in what you are selling. post more photos, videos, and detailed reviews on your social media platforms. Be an influencer and create reasons to follow your small business on social media.  

After we talked about social media marketing benefits, here are some of the top reasons why people would be interested in following your small business on social media

  • they’re curious about your products or services
  • you offer exclusive promotions
  • your content is entertaining
  • they need to reach a customer service representative
  • you offered an incentive
  • their friends or family follow your brand
  • So make sure your content is worth following. As you’ve seen, getting more followers will ultimately increase your chances of driving more sales.


79 of millennial owned businesses use social media 1

If you are not using social media marketing for small business your business will drop down.This is the present and future of marketing. Don’t forget in this competitive market you need to attract more customers with less effort. And there is no doubt, the best place to play is on social media platforms.

Are you ready to embrace social media marketing for small business ? Let me know what you think ?

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Inspiring facts of social media marketing for small business

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